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Restoring bad sectors using CHKDSK on Windows

The other day my hard drive was getting really bad, Usually I just rebuild the machine with an image stored on my NAS appliance however I thought I would actually repair the drive as it was ‘trashing’ alot! So I booted the PC and got check disk to repair the drive. – All is now working smoothly again.  I […]

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Slow connections on remote MySQL Servers

Now a few of my projects are getting much bigger and the need for having dedicated Database servers are now more appealing than ever. With MySQL when setting it up I noticed that when trying to access a remote database from an application server, it would takes ages to respond/connect to it. After searching around […]

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Ammending the Ubuntu SSH Console message

Was playing around with my Virtual machines this evening as I am trying to create a stable build to put on the Offical BNA Systems web servers. One of the most annoying things is once you have OpenSSH installed you get the annoying default Ubuntu disclaimer etc.  Anyways, After looking around on the net I […]