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Dark theme (Dracula) for NetBeans

I’ve personally used NetBean for about five years now; I’ve learn’t to love it and despite all the “cool kids” recently moving to the likes of PHPStorm and Sublime Text, everytime I try to switch over I just miss my trusty NetBeans and come flying back. Since recently purchasing my latest MacBook Pro, I went […]

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Make your Ubuntu 11.04 machine look like MacOSX…

Ok well I have read many articles and a couple of times installed tools like Macbuntu which offer a complete transformation of Ubuntu GUI but I have never been happy with just how flaky these tools can be and how they can screw up your OS so I decided to make some simple graphical changes […]

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Making Ubuntu 10.04 look like a Mac (using Elementary & Docky)

This blog entry shows how you can easily change the appearance of your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop so that it looks and feels like an Apple Mac. This is done using freely available software and only take you about 10-15 minutes. I will be installing Elementary and Docky to make this happen! Elementary is a project […]