Installing MailCatcher support in Laravel Homestead

Mailcatcher is an awesome tool for capturing emails generated and sent from your application. I’m an avid Laravel fan and recently Laravel released Homestead, Homestead is a pre-configured vagrant box for developing Laravel applications. Previously I had been using Vaprobash for each of my Laravel applications of which had MailCatcher support out of the box […]

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Using Gmail with Postfix as an SMTP relay

Many times in the past I’ve configured Linux server (in this case, specifically Ubuntu LTS Servers ) where I need to recieve automated emails such as CRON logs etc. to an external email account but don’t want or need the hassle of configuring a fully blown SMTP server with SPF records, DKIM signing etc. etc. […]

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How to install Exim4 on Ubuntu as a smarthost

For months now I have been trying to setup a fast, reliable linux mail server. I think I have now cracked it. Basically my system layout is as follows; I have been developing a new social community site called UrbanParty (, The application is ran on my Ubuntu Linux server and uses SMTP to send […]