Monitoring Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04 with Netdata

Netdata is a fantastic real-time monitoring solution for your Linux based servers and I’ve particularly found it useful for monitoring my web servers. Netdata provides a web-based dashboard with real-time graphs and alerting; it provides a myriad of information about your servers out of the box and the interface is slick! Before we start we’ll […]

Creating your own desktop power supply using a standard PC ATX PSU

In this post, I will show you how to convert a computer power supply into a regular DC power supply with 12, 5 and 3.3 volt outputs. Why use a computer (ATX) power supply? Well, they’re available everywhere, and they can output tremendous amounts of power in a small form factor. They have overload protection […]

The ZPanel project moves to!

After another week of DDoS attacks from one of our spoilt forum users I have taken the decision to move the main website over to be hosted by Sourceforge. The project has now been released under the GPL license and we have been working hard over the last two weeks to port the code over […]

ZPanel on Linux!!

Well I must say today marks a special day in the history of the Zpanel project… For the first time since Zpanel 2.5 was classed as ‘stable’ all those many moons ago… this morning I configured and customised the current ZPanel 6.0.0 code which was developed solely for Windows really on Ubuntu Linux – obviously […]

Yes I know… I haven’t posted for ages….

Ok, well as the title suggests… I haven’t posted in ages to my blog so this morning I am hoping to update you all with what has been going on recently… Well… I have decided to work on and release a new version of ZPanel (ZPanelX) which will is to be developed on Linux and […]