I bit the bullet and bought an iMac!!

Well yesterday I made one of the biggest purchases I have to date (not far behind my house, car etc)!! I have many computers in my house and have owned many computers over time but nothing beats the awesomeness of Apple’s hardware design! – I forked out and bought an iMac (the most expensive computer […]

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OMG…. I have fallen for Apple Mac OSX!!!

If you would have asked me several years ago what I thought of Apple Mac’s I would have pretty much spat at you, I found them to be a ‘kiddies toy’ that designers used (to be fair at the time it was OS9)¬†or maybe I was just blind!??!!!?!?? ….However, since which time I have started […]

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Making Ubuntu 10.04 look like a Mac (using Elementary & Docky)

This blog entry shows how you can easily change the appearance of your Ubuntu 10.04 desktop so that it looks and feels like an Apple Mac. This is done using freely available software and only take you about 10-15 minutes. I will be installing Elementary and Docky to make this happen! Elementary is a project […]