Creating a highly available file server cluster for a web farm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Following on from my previous post about setting up a highly available web server cluster, this post covers the next step, which is setting up a highly available file server cluster, after some research I’ve decided to use GlusterFS, GlusterFS is a  an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands […]

Installing a high availability web server cluster on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using HAProxy, HeartBeat and Nginx

Here are a few notes about how to set-up a high-availability web server farm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using a whole load of awesome software (HAProxy, HeartBeat, Watchdog and Nginx) The setup In my setup I have five virtual machines, these are named and used for the following:- haproxy1 – Our first proxy (master)/load-balancer (running HAProxy, HeartBeat […]