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Building, testing, and pushing container images to a Docker Registry using Jenkins Pipelines

Last weekend I blogged about installing Jenkins (and the Blue Ocean interface) and using Jenkins Pipelines to test against multiple PHP versions in parallel – something that you’d want to do if you were developing and deploying PHP libraries and packages. Using the same Jenkins server that we installed in my last blog post, today […]

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Jenkins pipelines, Docker build agents and running unit tests against multiple PHP versions.

In this post I’m going to walk through the process of installing Jenkins and using Pipelines to configure multi-stage parallel builds that test our code against multiple PHP versions in isolation. This setup means that we do not have to install and maintain multiple versions of PHP with multiple PHP extention requirements on our Jenkins […]

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Installing Laravel complete with PHPUnit support (with Composer)

Laravel is an awesome PHP framework and comes with support for unit testing with PHPUnit out of the box! So… I thought I’d post up this quick guide as a reference to others and in my opinion is a rather neat way of keeping Composer and PHPUnit contained inside the project as opposed to installing […]