Github, ReadyNAS Duo and ZPanel DNS module

Well I haven’t blog’d for a month so thought I’d better update you all with what’s been going on recently…

Well I decided to give GitHub a try out (I’ve had an account registered on the site and I reserved the ZPanel project name) but haven’t yet given it much of a try-out but as I released the latest version of Zantastico I decided that I would use Github to host the source and maybe I’ll now make the complete jump from SVN to Git for all my source control needs 🙂 – I must say, Github is very cool indeed (once you get your head around how the permissions work and adding your machine keys etc.). The web interface offers some lovely features that allows you to edit code from the browser and will automatically revision it too 🙂

Also over the last month, I decided that I needed to upgrade and combine my home server’s, I went and bought a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo off Ebuyer… It was knocked down in price a little and thought ‘well why not…’ – It been great, it has some lovely in built features of which not all I am using but comes with DLNA media streaming services, Built in torrent client, APF shares compatible with Apple TimeMachine as well as all the standard NAS protocols.. SMB, CIFS, FTP, RSYNC etc. – I’m really pleased with it, I currently have a single 250GB drive with all my data on it but will be upgrading it 2x 2TB drives which will create a RAID1 mirror. 🙂

After a long time of meaning to install Rustus’s BIND module for ZPanel 6.1.1 on my CentOS VPS (used for hosting this site and many of my friends personal sites too) I was really impressed.. Rustus is one of the best module developers that I have seen and has produced several third-party modules for ZPanel. I am especially impressed with the DNS module due to how it handles the the ZONE files and how much effort has gone into creating this module. It really is a must for any persons running ZPanel 6.x.x as it is such a time saver… No more logging into UKReg (my domain registrar) to manage my DNS records now… 🙂

Lastly, not that you are interested… This weekend I went to go and try on a suit for my mums wedding, she is to be married on the 1st of October 2011 and my brother and myself will be giving her away as my beloved grandfather passed away in 2006. Here is a photograph of the awesome suit with me in it (it has ‘tails’ too but the photo isn’t all that good) 🙂

Until next time… 🙂