I’ve been a busy bee, ZPanelX development update!

Ok well I’ve not posted on here for a while, mainly due to the fact that life has been so hecktic and I’ve been getting myself far too involved in too many different things..

So thought I’d better update you all with some info etc.

Well the last week I’ve managed to do a whole load more coding to the main framework of ZPanelX, I’ve now implemented the modular hook system, this enables module developers to ‘hook’ into core parts of the framework and execute their own code from inside their module/controller.ext.php file.

As well as the hook system, the daemon is now fully complete and I’ve spent the last few days implementing XMWS which stands fro ZPanelX Modular Web Services. XMWS is an XML based web service layer for ZPanelX which enables module developers to rapidly develop web service components within their module.

Luckily I have about 8 days off work in total over Christmas and the new year so I managed to get a lot of coding on ZPanelX done and dusted 🙂 – Hopefully not much will come up between now and spring and ZPanel X will be released on time 🙂