How to delete a remote tag on GitHub

I use the awesome services from GitHub for hosting both my personal and private git repositories and although you’d probably never need to do this, its good to know how to do this if you ever needed too for such scenarios as if you have accidentally ‘tagged’ a release and need to quickly add a few bug fixes in and in an attempt to not break any automated installers/upgrade scripts you’ve already made and compiled etc you simply want to re-tag with this tag.

So anyways, its really simple…

From your git CLI client, simply execute the following command to delete the tag ‘locally’ and then push the changes up to GitHub, once you’ve done this you can then re-tag either using the GitHub interface or the CLI your current ‘master’ branch, so for this example I have a tag named ‘v10.1.0’…

git tag -d v10.1.0
git push origin :v10.1.0

Done, simples! – So there you go… hopefully you might have found this useful 🙂