Changing the linux Application menu icon in Ubuntu

Ok so I’ve managed to find an article on the net about how to change
the default applications menu in Ubuntu, this will enable you to
change it to whatever you like (instead of the default distrubution
icon) It’s dead easy, but everyone else tries to make it sound so
complicated. So here’s the dead easy way to do it.

First, you’ll need to download your image. I used this one from
Wikipedia as it’s already in the required .svg format, otherwise
you’ll have to convert to this format using The GIMP. Don’t just
rename the file!

Save the file to your Desktop with the filename start-here.svg and
fire up the terminal.

Now you’ll need to find out what icon set you’re using. In Ubuntu this
is simply a case of going to System / Preferences / Appearance,
clicking the Customize button, and selecting the Icons tab. I’m using
the Tango icon theme, but you’ll need to substitute Tango with the
name of your icon theme in the following commands.

Okay, so in the Terminal we need to run this:

cd Desktop
sudo cp /usr/share/icons/Tango/scalable/places/start-here.svg start-here-old.svg
sudo cp start-here.svg /usr/share/icons/Tango/scalable/places/
killall gnome-panel

The first command changes to your desktop, the second creates a copy
of your old icon on the desktop (for backup purposes), the third line
copies the new icon over the top of the existing one, and the final
command restarts your gnome panel. Whew!

Hope this is helpful to others looking to achive this! 🙂