Future-proofing you PHP apps for migration of multiple databases….

Its highly likely that soon I will need to write a large database
application for handlering customer contact and calls.

Basically this enables you to write an aplication in PHP and then have
the ability to later migrate the database from say MySQL to Oracle,
Firebird, Postgres etc… (You get the idea) – This ultimately will
save you time not having to re-write huge chunks of code or SQL 🙂

This does however require the application server to have PEAR::DB
installed and registered with PHP – Which is very easy and if your not
sure how to achieve this, please try a search on the ‘oh-so-powerful’
Google! 🙂

I found this great tutorial with regards to PEAR::DB; if your
interested in this please go and check it out here:

I hope you found this as interesting as myself 🙂