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My new HP Mini 210 (netbook)

It makes a change (well in recent times anyway) for me to have a new toy to play with however yesterday I thought I’d purchase a netbook so I bought one of the coolest and smallest I have seen so far and from a good manufacturer so I purchased an HP Mini 210 and so far am very happy with it!

The netbook has 1GB of RAM, its powered by an Intel Atom N450 processor running at 1.66GHz and is running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.

Heres a couple of photo’s of it:

(Will take a photo and upload shortly)

Yes ok, its not going to replace my main PC or is capable of running very memory intensive apps or for playing games on but due to the processor, the 10.1″ screen its power consumption is awesome and the whole netbook is so small and I personally thing the design is awesome 🙂

Its a great device to use while sitting on the couch, in bed on a Saturday morning – Its perfect for browsing the internet, downloading music, reading and responding to emails etc. etc.

When I purchased the netbook I thought about what apps I would install on it, I didn’t want to bloat it, I wanted on the nessacery stuff installed on it, so this is what I have installed and running:-

  • AVG Antivirus (Free Antivirus software)
  • Dropbox (Free online storage drive and backup)
  • Google Crome (A free, lightwieght and super fast web browser)
  • Offline Gmail (Using Crome and Google Gears when offline can access your emails using Crome and a downloaded version of your Gmail mailbox)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (For obvious reasons)
  • Skype (Free calls to other Skype users etc.)
  • Spotify (Download and stream music)
  • WinRAR (My favourite file compression and extraction tool)
  • Windows Live (Live Messenger, Live Writer etc.)
  • Adobe Flash player and Reader

If you are stuck for what to install on your netbook try a search on Google there are tons of articles from other Netbook users etc.

Anyway, I hope you found this useful 🙂