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ZPanel 6.x.x and my new OS and cloud services project

Well the last month has been very eventful with regards to the projects that I have been running/involved in….

I have released ZPanel 6.0.0 Alpha1 on Sunday for testing and so far so good so hopefully a full upgrade release will be released as stable very soon as soon as everyone from the ZPanel team is happy.

I have also been working on my own Linux distrubution (something that I have wanted to do for years) which is based on Ubuntu LTS releases and is targetted as a free alternative to a propertiarial operating system which uses the code names of animals for their releases (you should be able to get it from that clue) but if not work out which one is missing from this list… (Windows, Linux, Unix, ***)? – Hopefully you get it now 🙂

The Linux distrubution that I am making is attempting to be easy on the eyes (eye candy from the start), Fast and stable when in use.

I have removed many of the default applications from Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS); The reason that I am using the LTS version is that the distrubution is then officially supported for three years meaning that non-technical users don’t have to worry about upgrading every six months.

As well as the operating system myself and a small team (team not yet setup) will be creating a cloud service that is linked from the OS (using Dock icons and desktop icons) that enables new users to register an account and then give them webmail, POP3 email and file sharing.

I hope that the new distrubution will encourage users to switch to the OS as it is provided free of charge and will be a stable platform for their home PC/laptop or netbook. – Ofcourse there is nothing stopping people using this in the office either but our initial market for users will be home users.

You never know, in the future we may also bring out a Server version too 🙂

…All very exciting times 🙂