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Got myself an iPhone 4S – The MacBook Pro is next!

Just a ramble really… I’ve not posted much recently so….

This weekend I took out my first ever mobile phone contract, fancy mobile phones don’t really interest me all that much and up until now I’ve not cared for a ‘contract’ phone. – I’ve been happy with my hand-me-down phones that I’ve been given by friends however… I love buying new toys for myself and after hearing that three (A UK mobile network provider) was offering their ‘The One’ plan with completely unlimited data and the ability to teather, I thought what a great deal 🙂 – I personally don’t make many phone calls nor do I text (sms) much but the data is awesome… So on Sunday I got my new (white) iPhone 4S and so far I’m loving it! – I have it linked up to my iCloud account, I’ve installed the Dropbox app, Twitter and Facebook apps and a few others too!

Although I already have awesomely fast broadband at home (last week I changed over to Virgin Media’s top package, so I get a 50 meg fibre optic connection, its lighting fast!) and don’t really need the use of tethering just yet, I think my next purchase is going to be  a MacBook Pro to add to my collection of Apple products! – I’ll dual boot Linux with it 😉