Enable auto-completion for CodeIgniter development in NetBeans 7.2

I thought I’d share up this very useful script that I found today, I guess that as you’re viewing this page you want to enable the lovely code auto-completeion features that NetBeans supports and as by default you’ve found that NetBeans doesn’t support this for CodeIgnitor.

So here’s the fix:-

  • Download netbeans_autocomplete_codeigniter file (Contains mainly PHP comments that then enables NetBeans to do it’s magic!)
  • Rename the file name extension from .txt to .php 
  • Copy the file into your CodeIgniter Project’s NetBeans folder (in the root, so in the same folder as project.properties and project.xml)
  • If you have NetBeans currently open you’ll need to restart it for the changes to take effect!

Wolla! – Its done! – You can test by opening any controller and in a method block, start typing… $this->d and you should then find that you have the ability to choose $this->db and then iterates down the chain with the ability to auto-complete $this->db->select(); etc.

I found this fantastic ‘trick’ here, so all kudo’s to the original author on this one!

Hope this helps 🙂