Ammending the Ubuntu SSH Console message

Was playing around with my Virtual machines this evening as I am trying to create a stable build to put on the Offical BNA Systems web servers. One of the most annoying things is once you have OpenSSH installed you get the annoying default Ubuntu disclaimer etc.

 Anyways, After looking around on the net I found where the message is stored and then ammened the message using VIM with the following commnad:-

vi /etc/motd

You can also change the text that is displayed above the username and password text in the console, this can be done by editing the ‘issue’ file using the following command:-

vi /etc/issue 

You obviously need to save the changes back and then restart the SSH Daemon using this command:-

/etc/init.d/ssh restart

and that it! See what happens 🙂

Blogging with email!

Well this is my first official blog post on my new personal blog, I
thought’d I’d write about this awesome new feature with WordPress
3….. I’m even blogging using this method now!

Ok so what the hell am I talking about….

Well good queston I hear you say; Since I have now launched my
personal website again using a hosting account from I
decided after trying out a very basic web blog script that I’d go back
to the good’al WordPress software and whilst I was configuring my new
blog I found a new feature from the ‘Admin’ area within WordPress
which enabled me to post blogs via a POP3 account…. So seeing this I
jumped at the chance at configuring it….

After playing with it for a couple of hours, I have fallen in love
with this awesome feature… then configured a cron job from within
my ZPanel control panel so check and post emails every 10 minutes 🙂

So there you have it, another cool way to blog about stuff using
Wordpress, for more details on how to configure this please check out
this link:-