Installing PHP and MySQL on MacOSX using MacPorts for development.

Ok so this is aimed at being a very quick guide to installing a PHP (specifically PHP 5.4, but you can install PHP 5.3 or.PHP 5.5 if you wish!) development environment and MySQL server to enable you to develop (using the built in PHP development server) and MySQL on an MacOSX based machine, so to […]

Setting the correct timezone on a Ubuntu 12.04 Server

Ok, its no rocket science but I thought I’d quickly post up this very easy way to very quickly set your server’s time-zone without the need for editing files and looking up time-zone abbreviations manually etc.  if during installation you accidentally choose the wrong time-zone or (in like my case) your VPS provided has installed a default OS image with a different time-zone. You can […]

Configuring NetBeans for PSR-1 and PSR-2 coding guidelines.

Update: I’ve recently (as of February 2015) created a ‘Netbeans Module’ that you can import into Netbeans to automatically set the correct settings (instead of having to manually following this guide, see: Recently I’ve been looking into the PHP-FIG PSR standards and in an attempt to standardise my coding styles to a widely used standard, the PSR standards look like […]

Cloning linux servers easily in VirtualBox without network cards

I thought I’d share a little trick with you that I’ve recently used to enable easier cloning of virtual machines in Virtualbox (for my local development enviroment on my MacBook Pro)… Those who have attempted to ‘clone’ virtual machines in the past may have found that when attempting to clone Linux Server VM’s (specially in […]

How to redirect local root mail to an external email address on Linux

I run a home file, media and backup server at home on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. I have various cron jobs set-up for various task such as backing up external MySQL databases, web site data and other tasks. By default, when a cron job runs and if the script or program that runs produces any […]

Creating a highly available file server cluster for a web farm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Following on from my previous post about setting up a highly available web server cluster, this post covers the next step, which is setting up a highly available file server cluster, after some research I’ve decided to use GlusterFS, GlusterFS is a  an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands […]

Installing a high availability web server cluster on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using HAProxy, HeartBeat and Nginx

Here are a few notes about how to set-up a high-availability web server farm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using a whole load of awesome software (HAProxy, HeartBeat, Watchdog and Nginx) The setup In my setup I have five virtual machines, these are named and used for the following:- haproxy1 – Our first proxy (master)/load-balancer (running HAProxy, HeartBeat […]

Installing the latest version of Ruby & Ruby On Rails on MacOSX (using RVM)

Installing Ruby (the latest version) and Rails (using RVM) on MacOSX is rather easy, this quick post will run you through installing Ruby and Rails using RVM (Ruby Version Manager) which apparently what all the ‘cool kids’ use to install rails with etc. By following these few simple steps and you should be up and […]