Installing the latest version of Ruby & Ruby On Rails on MacOSX (using RVM)

Installing Ruby (the latest version) and Rails (using RVM) on MacOSX is rather easy, this quick post will run you through installing Ruby and Rails using RVM (Ruby Version Manager) which apparently what all the ‘cool kids’ use to install rails with etc. By following these few simple steps and you should be up and […]

Installing APC and Memcached on Ubuntu 12.04 with nginx

Following on from one of my previous posts (Installing nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 as a high performance web server) I have installed APC and Memcached on my Ubuntu 12.04 server It’s very simple to do and well worth it:- apt-get install php-apc Now restart your PHP FPM service like so:- /etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart You can confirm […]

Installing a Git Server using Apache (WebDAV) on Ubuntu Server 12.04

This tutorial is mainly for Ubuntu Server 12.04, meaning I’ve implemented and tested it fully on a Ubuntu 12.04 server this will more than likely work on other versions of Ubuntu/Debian based distro’s too though! So, whats this tutorial all about then… well this allows you to run your own (private) Git Server using WebDAV […]

Two nice themes for NetBeans

Previously I used to use Notepad++ for development but over the past couple of years I’ve grown to love NetBeans and all the awesomeness of it (such as the source completion, code formatting etc. etc.) I do however miss the nice IDE themes that came bundled with NotePad++ so I did a search around the internet […]

How to secure your (SSH) server on Linux/FreeBSD

If you have to enable remote SSH access to your Linux/UNIX server then you should secure it down by doing a few simple steps, I’d recommend doing the following:- Change the default SSH port. Disable password authentication by using Public key authentication instead. There are loads of other things you can implement to further lock […]