Creating *NIX user accounts without need for a password prompt!

It is likely that in future I will be implementing SSH access and generally changing the way that users are handled by ZPanel (on the *NIX platform). Currently all user accounts across ZPanel are ‘virtual’ accounts and not system accounts and for various reason’s I may want to change this in future. I have written […]

Enable auto-completion for CodeIgniter development in NetBeans 7.2

I thought I’d share up this very useful script that I found today, I guess that as you’re viewing this page you want to enable the lovely code auto-completeion features that NetBeans supports and as by default you’ve found that NetBeans doesn’t support this for CodeIgnitor. So here’s the fix:- Download netbeans_autocomplete_codeigniter file (Contains mainly PHP […]

Installing APC and Memcached on Ubuntu 12.04 with nginx

Following on from one of my previous posts (Installing nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 as a high performance web server) I have installed APC and Memcached on my Ubuntu 12.04 server It’s very simple to do and well worth it:- apt-get install php-apc Now restart your PHP FPM service like so:- /etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart You can confirm […]

Installing Tomcat 7 on MacOSX

I’ve made the switch over to Apple on my development machines and as I’m starting my new company soon I’ve got myself a new MacBook Pro machine of which I will be transporting to and from the office so I’ve been installing my entire development on it and thought I’d blog about how to set-up […]

Two nice themes for NetBeans

Previously I used to use Notepad++ for development but over the past couple of years I’ve grown to love NetBeans and all the awesomeness of it (such as the source completion, code formatting etc. etc.) I do however miss the nice IDE themes that came bundled with NotePad++ so I did a search around the internet […]

How to re-enable JSP support in Dreamweaver and add the latest MySQL Connector/J.

Although I don’t really use Adobe Dreamweaver for web development (although if i’m doing interface design where I need a quick way to alter and view CSS changes fast I do) a friend of mine the other day (who uses Dreamweaver heavily) wanted to know how to re-enable the old JSP (Java Server Page) support […]

OK so thats ZPanelX Beta7 released!

So after two weeks of bug fixing by myself and Rustus and the guys from the ‘Support Team’, this evening I’ve released Beta7, this includes the very last major changes for ZPX (the bandwidth calculation, disk usage stats etc.) and also fixes an issue with the webmail client (Roundcube) So I’m pleased to say that […]