Installing a high availability web server cluster on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using HAProxy, HeartBeat and Nginx

Here are a few notes about how to set-up a high-availability web server farm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using a whole load of awesome software (HAProxy, HeartBeat, Watchdog and Nginx) The setup In my setup I have five virtual machines, these are named and used for the following:- haproxy1 – Our first proxy (master)/load-balancer (running HAProxy, HeartBeat […]

Installing a Git Server using Apache (WebDAV) on Ubuntu Server 12.04

This tutorial is mainly for Ubuntu Server 12.04, meaning I’ve implemented and tested it fully on a Ubuntu 12.04 server this will more than likely work on other versions of Ubuntu/Debian based distro’s too though! So, whats this tutorial all about then… well this allows you to run your own (private) Git Server using WebDAV […]

Settings up a simple home file server on Ubuntu Server 10.04

As you can proberbly tell from my other blog posts I really do like Ubuntu although I also admire CentOS/Redhat but for sheer simplicity and non-bloat installation I do like this awesome distrubution. Ok so nowadays more and more people have more than one PC or network device at home and therefore it would be […]

Creating a local/network accessible Ubuntu package repository

A recently I have been playing around with Ubuntu Server 10.04 and various little projects etc. I thought I’d write a tutorial on how you can create a network accessable or local Ubuntu package repository. For this tutorial I am using Ubuntu 10.04 Server release on an old Compaq Proliant DL320. The sole purpose of […]

How to setup MySQL Replication with SSL on Ubuntu Server 10.04

This tutorial describes how to set up database replication in MySQL using an SSL connection for encryption (to make it impossible for hackers to sniff out passwords and data transferred between the master and slave). MySQL replication allows you to have an exact copy of a database from a master server on another server (slave), […]

Installing VMWare Server 2 on Ubuntu 10.04 Server

Ok well today I’m going to outline how I managed to install VMWare Server 2 on my Quad core Xeon 3.2GHz rack server running Ubuntu Server 10.04 as the host operating system… In the past I have used VMWare Server on Microsof t Windows based operating systems but in all truth I would much prefer […]

Removing Ubuntu software packages and no longer needed dependencies

On my Ubuntu Servers I use the apt-get command to install and remove packages from my Ubuntu servers. So for example, this weekend I installed and started playing with Cacti (A front end for SNMP) however after installing it I found I had several issues with the software and wanted to revert the operating system […]